MomBadge (n.)

1. a quaint gift hand-made or store bought given for mother’s day or birthdays or just because,  indicating or explicitly stating motherhood; worn by a mother with pride
1. a quaint gift of infant body fluid always given as a surprise, can include spit-up, drool, breast-milk, infant pee, or mustard-dye (lat. infant poop), indicating or explicitly stating motherhood; worn by a mother with pride
2. a marking earned by interactions with the living, beautiful, and absurd

Ex: She knew not to travel in her audition top because the MomBadge(s) she earned on the way were too awesome for her scene that day and effectively would become the pearls-before-swine appreciation of the afternoon.

MomBrain (n.)

1. a fogginess in thinking, often forgetfulness, likely due to the rush of sexual hormones during pregnancy and added lack of sleep during early months of child-rearing.
1. a multi-faceted organism capable of coordinating schedules, anticipating needs, and on-site problem-solving while accomplishing desired tasks; often immediately, creatively, and/or effectively.
2. a multi-tasking organism stimulated by interacting with the living, beautiful, and absurd
3. often a leadership requirement for upper-level management

Ex: Her MomBrain, the likely culprit for forgetting the diaper bag while leaving the house with six hosted family members at once, now came into play as the saving mechanism as she fashioned a functioning diaper from clean, found materials as a temporary hold before dashing to the nearest store for diaper and wipes purchase all in time for lunch.


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