Set up and ready – Motherhood in Theatre Forum 1 – Free Childcare Onsite. #kidsroom #MotherhoodInTheatre Forum

HUGE thanks to the 15 ladies and 9+ kids who came out in the SNOW to gather for mothers in the theatre. If you missed this one, no worries. There will be more! Just the beginning, friends ❤
I will be posting the PowerPoint and notes soon, along with some of the discussion points and upcoming events & projects.

If you couldn’t make this one, and you’re interested in being in the loop for upcoming events, email me at

NYC and Philadelphia, we’re setting up forums for you, too! If you’re interested in attending, contact me via email at, and we’ll put you on the list for details.
Huge thanks to Vagabond School of the Arts for hosting. Click the image below to check out this awesome space and their killer classes. #FamilyFriendly
Vagabond School of the Arts #WomenInTheatre #MotherhoodInTheatre

#roomwhereithappened #womenintheatre #actormom #theatre #theatremommy #theatreartist #chicago #chicagotheatre #chicagoactor #chicagotheatreartist 


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