Where Are the Disappeared Women of the Theatre? – HowlRound

The full article first appeared on 12/16/16 on HowlRound.com – excerpt and link below.

Written by AuditioningMom Rachel Spencer Hewitt.

As promised, here is the stunning comprehensive story behind the #StandByYourMAM selfie posted by AuditioningMom and loads of other supporters. Mothers Artist Makers (MAM) – an off-shoot of the radical movement #WakingTheFeminists (#WTF) – is a sister group across the sea in Ireland making waves for gender equality on the platform of generating awareness and initiatives that support theatre artist moms. It was my pleasure to interview four of them and create the essay for HowlRound that the journal published yesterday. Read the incredible story here:

“Tara Derrington scribbled her question on the back of one of her daughter’s paintings. She woke at 3 A.M. with it spinning in her mind. That day in November 2015, Tara joined close to 600 women at a rally in Dublin for Waking the Feminists (WTF) to fight for gender equality on the stage. She attended alone after the event proved inaccessible to many of her colleagues due to scheduling. Standing solo, photographers snapped the image of Tara holding the sign she had made with her question in thick, black ink: ‘Where are the disappeared women of the Arts? At the schoolyards now.’ And thus began the dialogue that is revolutionizing representation for professional female artists with children across the Irish theatrical platform.”


Click photo for full article.


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