Pregnancy Handbook for Actors and Stage Managers Pt. 1 [PAAL]

Holy moly, have things taken off!! I swear I’ve been collecting a million stories, but before I can get to my daughter’s toddler lyrics or recaps of milk-stained auditions, we’ve got some important projects underway!!

Parent Artist Advocacy League for the Performing Arts (PAAL) is working with members from Actor’s Equity Association (AEA) to collect info for a Pregnancy Handbook for Actors and Stage Managers. We’ve seen responses flood in and we’ve started to record needs and solutions into a document to provide legal counsel in order to shape protection for pregnant actors and SMs. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! I’m over the moon!! If you know me, this means my geek+theater loving+advocacy+mama cylinders are ALL RUNNING AT THE SAME TIME which means I am THE HAPPIEST CREATURE ALIVE!!! Seriously. Dancing at the keyboard as we speak.

Want to contribute before the we close submissions? Check out this Facebook link if you’re an actor or stage manager with pregnancy experience, advice, or questions you feel would be relevant to a performing arts handbook.

To read more on the background for collection, check out the PAAL Blog article by clicking the image below:


Thank you to everyone who has participated and shared these intimate stories. We hope to make this handbook accessible, relevant, and used for the betterment of pregnant artists from this point on – both in their self-care as well as on the job treatment.

[Heads up! We’re not stopping at actors and stage managers! We’ve already received interest from people to gather info for pregnancy handbooks for directors/choreographers, designers, tech, etc! Comment below if you’re interested in being kept in the loop!]


Auditioning Mom.


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