4/2/2017 – We’ve launched to take this conversation to the national level. Be sure to check out the site and join us!

josh-calabrese-146257After an incredibly successful first #MotherhoodInTheatre forum last Saturday, Feb 25, 2017, we have a PLAN OF ACTION (notes and slides from the session will be posted soon). I’m geeking out already!
FIRST – we will be having similar events this year in NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. If you’d like to be put on the list when the details get launched, email us and we will be sure to let you know when we’re coming your way.
NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF 2017! Let’s dive in:
If you see something here you want to be involved in specifically (for my CHICAGO peeps) but haven’t told me yet, shoot me an email! We’ll rope you in right away.
Upcoming Forums:
  • Fatherhood in Theatre
  • Motherhood in Theatre Forum 2: Solutions & Database Exchanges
  • All-Parent Panel & Symposium
Upcoming Projects:
  • Playground Workshops (a la MAM style – check out the revolutionary Mothers Artist Makers in Ireland if you don’t know them yet) – Devised work with mothers and children in the room; for artist refinement and presentation.
  • Reading series – 4 plays, 4 weeks, in 4 different theaters; motherhood theme with parent actors, mother playwrights, mother directors, mother dramaturgs, etc.
  • Classes and workshops with on-site childcare – coordinate a few classes and workshops that will run alongside provision for children.
Upcoming Events:
  • Socializing Meetups – theatrical and non-theatrical (both mother exclusive & all-parent)
  • Networking Events (all parent + non-parent professional mixer)
Solutions & Organizations Mentioned at Forum:
  • Exchanging comps for childcare volunteer work like usher “saints”
  • Requesting theatrical schedules ahead of time for childcare planning
  • Casting appointment designation of time for parents to make kids in the space acceptable and manageable
  • Distinction of permissibility by casting office preference of children on site to prevent guesswork and make for better planning
  • Collective babysitter arrangements
  • “Childcare matinees”
  • Address pumping
  • Address liability needs and processes for on site childcare that theatres and organizations have to juggle
  • Focus on solutions specifically for ages 0-5
  • Focus on solutions that morph with ever-changing nature of artist trajectory
  • Pay it forward for those who don’t have children yet but will with implementation of protocol
  • Take a Break playgroup (organization)
  • Broadway Babysitters (organization NYC)
  • Sitter City (organization)

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