Here is the collection of blog articles posted to this page. A working actress chronicles life in the theater as a woman letting life in with a baby by her side and where that takes her art, and where art takes her baby.

An online resource for policy, profiles, and advocacy for parents in the theatre arts.

> SOLUTIONS II: Motherhood in the Theatre Part 4

Parent-Centric Comedy, Interview with Playwright Jenny Seidelman

SOLUTIONS I: Motherhood in the Theatre Part 3 – CHILDCARE

Forum: Women in Theatre – Chicago

Where Are the Disappeared Women of the Theatre? – HowlRound


CHILDREN IN THE SPACE – A Collaborative Photo Essay on Working Parents in the Theatre

An Inconvenient Baby: Motherhood Disrupts the Theatre Environment

Hold My Baby, Homeless Man – I’ve Got An Audition

Beckett-Inspired Meisner Scene Study – Toddler Theatre

NYT Critique: Flying with Shrieking Infants; or THE PARENT GOODY BAG

You Are.

How to Nurse While Running in NYC!

Woman Behind the Table 

How to Change a Diaper on a Moving Train