BB: Hi. Name’s Bitty. Bitty Baby. You can call me Biscuit. Thanks for coming in.

AM: Hello. Hi. Thanks. You know they say you can prepare your whole life for a role, but it’s life that prepares you to/

BB: Are you ready for your big break?

AM: When you say “break”–

BB: I’m asking the questions here.

AM: Oh, k.

BB: Now push.

AM: Sorry?



BB: Good. We’ll be doing this for a while.

AM: ialfskgdfghb

BB: Are you ready to carve out a signature performance in an original role? Are you ready to be this Bitty’s mom? We want to offer you the part.

AM: I’d be honored.

BB: Let’s get started, then. Workshop begins immediately with first open rehearsal at 4am.

AM: I don’t think the union–

BB: There are no unions, sister! Welcome to the show.


Rachel Spencer Hewitt received her MFA in Acting from the Yale School of Drama and was the recipient of the Pierre-André Salim award. She earned her equity card performing at the Yale Repertory Theater, and her professional acting resume includes Broadway Debut in tony-nominated King Charles III at The Music Box theater, regional theater and off-Broadway productions, including the Paula Vogel/Tina Landau New York premiere of A Civil War Christmas. She recently moved to Chicago and is passionate about collecting stories of motherhood in the theater for the purpose of generating dialogue and inciting change and a system of supportive initiatives. She is the founder of the blog where the collection of stories and initiatives lives, at AuditioningMom.com.


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